Saturday, January 24, 2004

Diamonds Buried Under Snow

If you're still checking this site, well geez, I really appreciate it. It's been feeling abandoned of late, and for good reason.

Truth be told, my life schedule has become a bit too intense to do much here. But I plan to kick things in gear come the spring. So keep on checking back with moderate regularity.

I've also become absolutely blown away with the amount of work being done on other blogs around the country. The state of baseball writing is in some pretty good hands. (Here's to you, Aaron Gleeman.)

So for now, I'm focusing my attention on family, friends, some good tunes (Richard Thompson, Guided by Voices, Wilco, etc.) and UConn basketball.

I have a poor man's blog carrying on at

So if you're a fan of Connecticut basketball, or college ball in general, come on over. I promise I won't be too biased ... unless you're a fan of the ACC. In that case all bets are off.

Get through this winter, and the baseball season is waiting on the flip side.

Thanks for reading,


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