Saturday, May 08, 2004

Baseball, Buds and Beers

After squaring away everything at the homestead, it was into the car, on the road, and off to my bud's to watch some West Coast games. In my best Dan Castenella voice: "Ummmmmm...... West Coast games on a Friday night."

By the time I got to Mike's, the first pitch was being thrown in Seattle. And things were getting underway in Anaheim, Phoenix and Oakland as well. I found out the Sox had come back against beleagured Kansas City, which prompted Mike to utter very simply, "MacDougal sucks."

Conversation found its way to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, specifically how history will look on the two; this game; the evolution of the closer; Moneyball; the OPS leaderboard; and broadcasters.

The rundown: We both really like the Red Sox broadcasting teams, with the Remdog getting especially high marks. The Yankee broadcasting teams, on the other hand leave a lot to be desired. Although, it's agreed that Kaat is very good, and would be even better with a steady, consistent play-by-play man. (Where have you gone Michael Kay?)

Up: Jon Miller, Joe Buck, McCarver
Down: Hawk Harrelson

Can't believe who I saw on a major league field last night: Terry Mulholland. He looked every bit the part of 41-year-old lefty relief specialist. A little pudgy, the obligatory salt-and-pepper goatee and graying, frazzled hair. He's actually pitched well for the Twins to this point (12.2 IP, 11 H, 2.13 ERA), sans the last frame he threw last night. However, the 3 2/3 innings was by far his longest stint of the season, and with the Twins pen pretty much drained he probably would've kept on going. But Eric Byrnes two-run home run to end the game in the 13th put a cap on Friday night's action.

I had left Mike's well before that, after the bottom of the 10th in fact. The game ended somewhere in the vicinity of three in the morning.

We also had the good fortune of seeing Mr. Torse, whose plane touched down in Bradley around 11:00 p.m. The last he had heard the Sox were down late (which they had been), and was pleasantly surprised to hear they had one. We went through the Jets schedule, and I have to shoulder the mantle of being "the optimistic one," although I wear that title a little uneasily.

Baseball, buds and beers.

Oh yeah, we also had a laugh making fun of this movie...

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