Wednesday, October 01, 2008

For What It's Worth

There’s nothing more humbling than getting a sports’ prediction drastically wrong. 6-4 Twins? I was only off by 9 runs on the total, and picked the wrong victor. Oh well, I can stomach my error as it’s only being witnessed by a very, very small percentage of people in the universe. (Torse!)

So the ChiSox are in. By coincidence last night I mentioned the ’87 game between the Tigers and Jays on the last day of the season. The Twins/Sox game turned out to be very similar. Both starting pitchers were stellar; in particular, Danks’ stuff looked outstanding. The Twins are a punch-and-judy outfit to begin with, but still was a potent enough offense to score the 3rd most runs in the American League. Granted, most of the damage was done in the Metrodome (they had a huge disparity in R/G at home vs. the road), but Danks’ eight inning, two hit, no run performance was clutch pitching of the highest order.

In addition, both the ’87 game and last night had the lone run score on a solo home run to center. Herndon in the case of the former and Jim Thome’s absolute rocket in the latter.

The Twins’ best chance to score came in the 5th. After Cuddyer’s lead-off double and an advance on a fly ball, Brendan Harris hit a shallow fly to center. I was thinking, without having scouted Griffey’s arm of late but knowing the years of wear and tear on that body, “Got to send him.” Third base coach Scott Ulger did, and Griffey made a great throw, which Pierzynski caught low and to the 3rd base side of home plate. Cuddyer tried to bowl him over, but to no avail and the Twins never mustered a threat again.

It was also nice having an important game such as this one by over by 10:00 EST. The game time clocked in at a brisk 2:20.

Now we turn our attention to Philadelphia, Chicago and Anaheim, California respectively. Fittingly, it all begins on the first day of a new month – October. I will have the opportunity to tune into the first two games, and the start of the Boston/Angels game. I stress the word “start,” as although I’m intrigued by the match-up, 1:00 a.m. is just too late with work a-callin’ the next morning. We’ll see how long I last.

Predictions? For what they’re worth:

Boston over Anaheim
Tampa over Chicago

Cubs over Dodgers
Phillies over Brewers

Boston over Tampa

Phillies over Cubs

World Series
Phillies over Boston in seven games.

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